Premium Mānuka Honey

From the heart of New Zealand’s Forgotten World

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Pouatu Mānuka – The Forgotten World

The Forgotten World is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems; an untouched landscape that still belongs to nature and is the heart of Pouatu Mānuka.

Journey deep into the North Island’s hinterland where rugged greenery covers hilly landscapes, birds sing to each other, and bees happily harvest their nectar from our most magical flowers. Our company is named after a nearby prominent landmark, Mount Pouatu, Pou meaning an important marker and Atu referring to an offering.

Pouatu Mānuka coexists with the bees in this piece of paradise, this is their land. Our premium New Zealand Mānuka honey is a taste of wilderness; complex, rich with wonder, and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our dedicated team loves what we do. That extends to supporting our local community and guardianship of the land, ensuring the health of our Mānuka trees and bees for future generations. Our small group of craftsmen and craftswomen share the pursuit of the utmost quality.

We personally manage every part of the process from land care, to hive management, to harvesting and packaging. All Pouatu Mānuka honey is independent laboratory tested and UMF accredited only after our very own professional Honey Sommelier tastes, examines and approves every batch.

Here at Pouatu Mānuka we are confident that you’ll love our Manuka Honey. Try it for 30 days and in the unlikely event that you want to return it, send it back to us for a full refund.

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